Linux From Scratch

Gerard Beekmans

This book describes the process of creating a Linux system from scratch from an already installed Linux distribution, using nothing but the sources of software that are needed.


This book is dedicated to my loving and supportive wife Beverly Beekmans.

Table of Contents
1. Foreword
2. Who would want to read this book
3. Who would not want to read this book
4. Organization
I. Part I - Introduction
1. Introduction
2. Important information
II. Part II - Installing the LFS system
3. Packages that need to be downloaded
4. Preparing a new partition
5. Preparing the LFS system
6. Installing basic system software
7. Creating system boot scripts
8. Making the LFS system bootable
9. Setting up basic networking
10. The End
III. Part III - Appendixes
A. Package descriptions
B. Resources
C. Official download locations