OBJECT:  Drives Collection

Implemented in version 3.0
The Drives collection is the collection of all the disk drives available on the system. This collection is obtained through the Drives property of the FileSystemObject object.

The following code gets the Drives collection, creates a list of available drives and displays the results in the browser.

Dim filesys, drv, drvcoll, drvlist, vol
Set filesys = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set drvcoll = filesys.Drives
For Each drv in drvcoll
  drvlist = drvlist & drv.DriveLetter
  If drv.IsReady Then
     vol = drv.VolumeName
  End If
  drvlist = drvlist & vol & ", "
Response.Write "Drives available on this system are " & drvlist

"Drives available on this system are A, C, D, E, "


Count Property
Returns an integer that tells us how many Drive objects there are in the collection (the number of local and remote drives available).

Syntax: object.Count

Item Property
The Item property allows us to retreive the value of an item in the collection designated by the specified key argument and also to set that value by using itemvalue.

Syntax: object.Item(key) [ = itemvalue]

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